Hinds: I Admit to Liking Something

Despite the staggering variety of inadequacies, failures, and defects which tend to coalesce into the silhouette of a man whenever it's time for me to write an autobiography, I know for a fact that I have good taste in music. I won't get into how or why I know this, mostly because it's bullshit, but also because you're probably reeling from the dickheadedness of that statement. 

Nonetheless, I like good music and I want you to like it, too. That's why I'd like for you to listen to Hinds. 


I've flown the better part of 10,000 miles to see these four fantastic Spaniards on three occasions and, while I understand about 40% of what they're saying at any given time, they're a firm seven out of seven. 

In some ways, it's quite predictable that I'd gravitate towards a band composed of four young women and a waist-high language barrier, but the fact is that they're better at making American rock and roll than any Americans have been in a long, long time. They're also fantastically fun and they know it. Seriously, I don't think I've ever seen so much charisma crammed onto one stage.

They're coming to America next week. Go fucking see them.

Also: here's a playlist, although it's not entirely necessary as they've released a grand total of two albums.